Shark Waters

Hello people and today I am very honored  to see a fantastic show called Sharkwaters and it was made by Rob Stewart and I am one of the first people in Hong Kong to see this movie.The show was very good because the style was very interesting and I have never seen a movie so unique.It was very well done and it was very good and also considering that it was is first movie it was awesome.This is because the footage really touched my heart and he was one of the people to really understand this very odd species.This showed me that he is a very strong guy and he is very passionate about the sharks.The show had a a lot of ups and downs that mad me happy sad and also gave me hope.The movie was very good and it took him five years and it I give him a lot of credit.The show is about him trying to protect the sharks from getting shark finned [I think thats the terms to say it]. I cant explain how good it was and if you get the chance to watch Sharkwaters I definitely recommend you to watch this.

Where Is The Love?[Music Vid]

Hello again and on friday our class was filming our 5E music video on Where Is The Love?.It was very fun and we were doing it in World Cup[Do Argentina!] clothes.It was very fin we split into groups to film and my group is Me Eagle 15,16 and 22.There was one scene that I like the most it was me jumping down a whole set of stairs and the sliding down the other set of stairs.One funny part was I kicked to ball down the stairs and we had to chase the ball four flights of stairs.That was a very fun day.Also Go Argentina FTW!

New Unit

Hello people today at school we are learning about a new unit it is about the human body. This unit will last until the end of the year and it is pretty weird.Today we learned about bones in my body through a very hard game.

March 2010 Student Blogging Challenge :10

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I have have written forty-eight posts including this post.

Three of them are my own interest and the rest are school based.

I have twenty-four comments from people overseas,eleven comments from my class mates and my parents.

I enjoyed writing a post of Canada beating USA in the Mens Hockey Olympics

because it was a good game and I want canada to win.

The post that I received to most comments is my take a picture of a dog day.I think this is because the picture to me was pretty cool.

I changed  my theme once  because there is no widgets bar,no tag line and all that stuff.

I have ten widgets and I think its just enough.

Part B

This was asked to my mom.

  • What were your first impressions of this blog?
  • What captured your attention?
  • What distracted you on the blog?
  • What suggestions can you give me to improve my blog?
  • 1 My first impressions was that Eagle 03 grew up.
  • 2 The music video Where Is The love.
  • 3.Nada .
  • 4 I think the improvement †hat need to be  made is talking about school activities.

March 2010: Student Blogging Challenge 9

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Hello people of the world and i just found out not long ago that 25% of teens from ages 12-17 do not own an cell phone.Also byaverageby gender a boyreceivesand sends 30 messages a day but on the other hand a girlreceivesand sends 80 text messages a day.look below for more stuff related to this topic.Teens and Their Mobile Phones



Last week our grade went to camp and it was really fun.I went to cheng zhou from wednesday to friday I had a lot of fun and one of the cool thing I did was I went to a pirate cave and a it was called cheng po tsai and in there I saw a baby on the rock with the lights turned off and it look like the baby in a horror movie chucky.We did a lot of fun stuff and I think next time It can be better by having the toilets cleaned before we went to our dormitory. The actives was fun and one bad things was that when ever im done barbecuing my food will always fall of.But camp was really fun overall.

Until next time catch you on tha flipside

Festival Of The Arts

Hello again and welcome to my blog.In this few weeks our school has been celebrating the arts.We have skipped a lot of classes to see a ton of veracity of arts including  singing,music on the computer,cooks teaching us about cakes,students instrumental ability,poetry,and many more.But one of the most unique thing I saw was theatre in silence is people doing a bunch of hilarious play but in silence. They have achieved quite a lot of milestones in there lives.If you get the chance to see them I think you should definitely see them.Until next time I’ll see you on the flip side.Peace!


Hello visitors of my blog earlier in school we were talking about bullying and the grade 6es came and help us to understand all the kinds of bullying.Then after the we had to pick a question and answer and my question that I picked was ‘Have you ever been on a reciveing side end of bullying?How it feel?My answer is yes I have been bullied when I was 5-6.How did I feel the question asked?Well I felt perfectly fine and that is because and that is because I don’t care what other people say about me.But whaen they start to say the same thing everyday I feel very annoyed and then I would ask them to stop if they don’t I will tell the teacher.